Adele Scala Elite Miss New York 2017 at Miss Earth United States interview with World Class Beauty Queens Magazine.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Adele Scala, Elite Miss New York 2017.

Full name: Adele Scala
Title/Year: 2017 Elite Miss New York
Pageant System: Miss Earth United States
Age: 30
Zodiac sign: Leo
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, volunteering, being crafty
Platform: Hunger and Homelessness
Contact information: Facebook:, Instagram: @elitemissnewyork2017, Email:
Years competed: 2011-present
Countries visited: Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, as well as many islands in the Caribbean. I am only getting started!
Likes: Genuine people, positivity, respect, women empowerment, volunteerism, mother nature
Dislikes: Bad energy, negativity, bullying
Status: In a relationship with a man who brings out the best in me

World Class Beauty Queens: Hello Adele, thank you for taking the time to Interview with us.  Please tell us about yourself.
Adele: I am currently a Territory Manager for an aesthetic device company. I sell capital equipment such as laser hair removal devices, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, and more, to doctors and medical spa’s. I love being a part of the skin and beauty industry within the dermatology and plastic surgery space. I keep myself up-to-date with all of the latest technologies and newest trends. Prior to being in the aesthetic device and pharmaceutical industries over the past nearly seven years, I was an NFL Cheerleader for the New England Patriots, followed by the New York Jets. I received so many incredible opportunities by being a part of both teams. Not only did I get to have the best seat in the house by performing on the field during each home game, but it also launched my modeling career and opened many doors for me. Through all of this, I never stopped volunteering and giving back to my community. Being involved with numerous charitable organizations has always been a part of my life, and always will be.

World Class Beauty Queens:  To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?
Adele: The Miss Earth United States Organization has a clear mission in place, which is what I admire most. The titleholders are truly “Beauties for a Cause” who advocate for environmental issues and are given fashion, media and leadership opportunities. They are partnered with World Missions Outreach which provides titleholders the opportunity to travel abroad to volunteer in a third world country. There are also numerous other national partners which include EarthWater, Mac Duggal, Bazaar Models, Marc DeFang, Pixton Design Group, Planet Beach Spa, Southern Exposure Photography, Pageant Design Solutions, and many more!

There are also many different divisions of Miss Earth United States. They are as follows:
Little Miss: 5-10 years old
Junior Miss: 11-15 years old
Teen: 15-19 years old (Advances to compete at Teen Earth International)
Miss: 19-26 years old (Advances to compete at Miss Earth)
Elite: 26-34 years old (Advances to compete at Ms. Earth)
I encourage everyone to check out this incredible pageant system by visiting their website at, and find them on Facebook and Instagram!

World Class Beauty Queens: How was the experience during the competition?
Adele: All of the contestants were incredibly friendly. The show was well-organized and executed flawlessly. Everyone helped each other backstage and were encouraging to one another. It was a really great experience!

World Class Beauty Queens:  What were you judged on during the competition?
Adele: The phases of competition were interview, runway, swimwear, and evening gown.  Our on-stage question was not judged, however it could play a role in where you placed and used as a tie-breaker if needed.

World Class Beauty Queens: Which part of the competition was your favorite
Adele: Evening gown is always my favorite portion of the competition. Every contestant feels like a queen at that moment that she gets to shine on stage in the evening gown of her choice. I wore a ballgown for the first time and I felt elegant walking out in it. I even ended up winning the award for Best Evening Gown, which was amazing!

World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do your first pageant?
Adele: I had always watched pageants on TV growing up and knew I wanted to compete one day when the time was right. I looked up to those women because of all they did and accomplished with their crowns. I knew early on that having a crown meant so much more than to just wear it on your head. I also knew that I had to gain enough confidence to be able to compete and perform well in front of the judges. After my time as an NFL Cheerleader, I knew that I was ready to hit the stage after having the experience of performing in front of 80,000+ fans!

World Class Beauty Queens:  What made you decide to compete for your title?
Adele: I was really inspired by what the Miss Earth United States system was all about. Even more so, the Elite division which represents women between the ages of 26-34 years old. It’s an incredible opportunity to promote and highlight everything that the women in our age division are able to do and accomplish! We are successful career-driven individuals, who also volunteer in our communities, advocate for environmental responsibility, and are given opportunities to model for photoshoots, fashion shows and in publications.

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about your platform or a cause and why is it dear and close to your heart.
Adele: Hunger and homelessness is my platform and has always been my biggest passion. I have an undying need to help those who are less fortunate. Whether it was going to homeless shelters to throw the children birthday parties, feeding the homeless at a local church, or cleaning the shelters that many people are able to find comfort in. I help in a variety of ways. I have also picked up food at the end of the day from locations throughout NYC who donate their food to the less fortunate, instead of throwing it away and contributing to our landfill.

World Class Beauty Queens: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there.  How does it feel?
Adele: It’s humbling. Honestly, my motivation comes from everyone around me. Every person I meet inspires me in some way or I am personally inspired by them to encourage them to bring out their best. I believe in leading by example and being someone who is approachable and relatable. I live by the quote, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.”

World Class Beauty Queens: How did volunteering help your life?
Adele: Volunteering didn’t only help my life; it changed my life. It has opened my eyes in many ways to the world around me that I do not necessarily see in my every day life. It has kept me aware of our hardships as a country and of all the ways that I can get involved to make a difference in peoples’ lives and in our environment.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are some of your achievements?
Adele: Well, I’m proud to say that I graduated Cum Laude from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s Degree and a dual major in Management in Marketing, AND I paid off all of my student loans! That is an achievement in this day and age. Making the New England Patriots Cheerleading squad, as well as the New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleading squad, were also big achievements of mine. Being fortunate enough to wear multiple crowns in pageantry has been an achievement and honor. I am also working on an initiative with Habitat for Humanity on a local scale, that I hope to make national one day! Details for that will be announced in the coming weeks.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any acting or modeling achievements?
Adele: One of my very first modeling achievements was being featured in the Swimsuit Calendar for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. From there, I have been given opportunities to model for designers, be in publications, and walk in fashion shows.

World Class Beauty Queens: How does education plays a role in your life?
Adele: Education is important in building your foundation and filling your brain with knowledge, but I feel that my education in the outside world is what has brought me to new heights. I continue to learn and grow through my experiences, which has made me who I am today. It’s important to continue educating yourself on the world around you, especially when it comes to our environment.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Evening gown is a big part of competition.  Who did you choose and what is your thinking process for selecting the gown?
Adele: This year I decided to go a different route with choosing my evening gown for the competition. I had a local designer create a custom dress for me. I was inspired to wear something very different on stage this year that would be unlike the others. You will have to wait to see it on the national stage in Washington, D.C. this summer!

World Class Beauty Queens:  What was your onstage strategy to win the judges over?
Adele: Being confident. It’s all about body language and having the right mindset before you step foot on stage. I always give it my best and leave it in God’s hands because He has a plan for all of us.

World Class Beauty Queens:  We want to hear in your own words how did it feel to hear your name as a winner?
Adele: You get a rush inside your body when you hear your name being called. It’s one of the greatest feelings to know that your best was what the judges were looking for that day. It’s a genuine feeling of pure happiness and excitement. The next feeling that hits you is “ok, great, so where do I start first?!” It’s instant motivation to want to hit the ground running with making a difference and creating your own legacy.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What does the crown and sash symbolizes to you?
Adele: It symbolizes an honor and a responsibility to uphold the image of the pageant system you are representing. It’s all about what you do with the crown and sash to advocate for important issues and positive change. It helps to open doors but then it all depends on what you do after the door is opened.

World Class Beauty Queens: What does it mean to be a Beauty Queen?
Adele: It means that your beauty on the inside shines as much as it does on the outside. That statement pretty much sums it up!

World Class Beauty Queens: Competing in pageants is not easy. What were some of your obstacles and how did you overcome them?
Adele: Even though I have experience performing in front of tens of thousands of people during my time as an NFL Cheerleader, I still get a little nervous to this very day when I step foot on stage to compete in pageants. I believe in facing everything head on and not being afraid of being judged. I also live with a condition that affects my vocal cords which sometimes causes me to lose my voice, but I use this condition to empower myself to keep going no matter what. I have even taken on hosting opportunities which helped me face my fear of knowing that I may be judged by the sound of my voice, but it makes me feel different and unique! I do everything with a smile on my face and a positive mindset. I have been able to overcome a lot of obstacles, and it’s all because of pageantry.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did competing in pageants help your life?
Adele: It helped me to continue being more polished, well-spoken, confident, and fearless. Women and girls of all ages who compete in pageantry are ones to be admired because they know what it’s like to win and what it’s like to lose. But in our eyes, it’s not considered losing because you take it as an opportunity to grow and be better than you were yesterday. It encourages women and girls to empower one another and trust in God’s plan for all of us. No matter how many times we are judged, we take it as an opportunity to become even better versions of ourselves. Pageant girls always persevere! Pageantry helps us strengthen our public speaking and interpersonal skills because of the appearances we make and the interviews that we do.  Most of all, it gives us a voice to speak for those who cannot, advocate for important causes, engage in community service, and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Additionally, it opens many doors to network with industry professionals to gain opportunities for modeling and acting. Pageants have helped my life on so many levels, and I am forever grateful for all of the opportunities that I have had, and will continue to have during the rest of my pageant career.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your plans for 2017/18 as a Queen?
Adele: I have too many plans! I am trying to keep myself on track and organized because I get overly excited and try to take on many things at once. So far my plans are to continue doing interviews through various media sources to promote myself and the Miss Earth United States system, volunteer with organizations that benefit Hunger and Homelessness, highlight women in my age group to show how successful they are in an effort to stimulate women empowerment, continue doing photoshoots and fashion shows, promoting companies that are eco-friendly, and build on the initiative I have started with Habitat for Humanity which will be announced in the upcoming weeks. On top of this, my dream has always been to volunteer in a 3rd world country and I plan to work with World Missions Outreach to make this dream a reality.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
Adele: I want my legacy to be one that empowers women in my age division to continue pursuing their dreams. Life doesn’t stop after aging out of the Miss division. In fact, we continue to become more “elite” in our pursuit of our own personal journeys! Make sure to follow my journey and see the legacy that I’m building by adding me on Instagram @elitemissnewyork2017 and Facebook –  – XO!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you to Adele Scala, Elite Miss New York 2017, for this amazing interview!

Editor Derek Tokarzewski



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