Woman of the Year

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Who’s ready for 2018 Woman of the Year?
2018 Winner will be announced December 15, 2018
The winner will grace the Cover of end of the year issue of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine which will be published December 31, 2018.
The winner will be chosen based on platform, community service and volunteering hours.
Also involvement with World Class Brand will be taken under consideration.

Candidate #1

Issue 51 Cover Girl Viktoria Borgmann Mrs. Estonia 2017

Candidate #2
Issue 52 Cover Girl Whitney Montgomery Mrs Texas Galaxy 2017

Candidate #3
Issue 53 Cover Girl Shonjrell Ladner Mrs. East Tennessee America 2018

Candidate #4
Issue 54 Cover Girl Holly Legge Mrs Canada Globe 2017

Candidate #5
Issue 55 Cover Girl Zoe Habershaw Miss Teen North America 2017

Candidate #6
Issue 56 Cover Girl Monica Ahuja International Ms India 2017

Candidate #7
Issue 57 Cover Girl Tatiana Burminskaya Mrs. Crimea Globe 2018

Candidate #8
Issue 58 Cover Girl Aileen Teo Ms Singapore Asia Pacific 2016

Candidate #9
Issue 59 Cover Girl Linda Qin 2017 Pacific Miss Asian American 1 st runner up

Candidate #10
Issue 60 Cover Girl Chantrelle Ann Melenani Waialae Ms. Hawai‘i United States 2017

Candidate #11
Issue 61 Cover Girl Kaoru Vivienne Izumi Mrs. Japan International Global 2017 Winner

Candidate #12
Issue 62 Cover Girl Sangeetha Singh Mrs Earth Australia 2018

Candidate #13
Issue 63 Cover Girl Pia Samantha Roldan Miss World Class Philippines 2018

Candidate #14
Issue 64 Cover Girl Nataliia Varchenko Miss Europe Continental 2017

Candidate #15
Issue 65 Cover Girl Samantha Goh Mrs Asean 2016

Candidate #16
Issue 66 Yidan Xie (Chloe) 2017 Pacific Miss Asian American 2nd Runner-up

Let’s take a look at our 2017 Woman of the Year.
The honor of 2017 Woman of the Year went to Peta-gay Ledbetter Mrs United Nations 2016 also World Class Beauty Queens USA Ambassador.
Peta-gay Ledbetter work is in Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness.

The winner was chosen out of 365 interviews with Beauty Queens from around the World.  We narrowed down those 365 interviews down to 48 Cover Girl which became candidates for 2017 Woman of the Year.

If you are interested to read about our winner we provide two options.
Print Magazine for those who would like to own physical copy and support or efforts to Empower, Educate and Inspire others to get involved.
We also offer Free Digital Magazine that can be read online or downloaded.

Woman of the Year 2017 with Peta-gay LedbetterPrint Issue 1 Purchase link.

By derek Tokarzewski in World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

60 pages, published 1/1/2018

Woman of the Year Peta-gay Ledbetter Mrs United Nations 2016

2017 Woman of the Year online interview link.

Peta-gay Ledbetter was our Print Issue 2 Cover Girl.
To learn more about Peta please follow the link.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine with Peta GayPrint issue 2 Purchase link.

By derek Tokarzewski in World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

24 pages, published 4/1/2017

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine presents cover girl Peta-Gay Ledbetter Mrs United Nations Globe 2016.Also we are featuring interviews with Eloise Cole Pre-Teen Miss American Elegance.And Katerina Katakalides.

Peta-Gay Ledbetter Mrs United Nations Globe 2016 online interview link.

Peta-Gay Ledbetter article on Global issue of sex trafficking.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for all your support.